Spinal Decompression for Neck Pain (Cervical Pain)

Neck pain is common among adults, and approximately 10 percent of the adult population will suffer from neck pain or stiffness at one point in their lives. Also, 40 percent of men and roughly 28 percent of women between 55 and 64 years old will develop neck pain as a result of a vertebral disc problem. Pain in the neck may also occur from injury to the cervical spine or neck muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues. Traditionally, many of these symptoms are treated with a surgical procedure or an abundance of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. However, what if you could treat your neck pain without surgery or medication?

At East Bay Spinal Decompression And Chiropractic in San Ramon, our Spinal Decompression Therapy utilizes the Triton DTS to reduce the pressure on the cervical spine, which is most likely causing the pain.

In order to “decompress” the discs in the cervical spine, avoiding muscle guarding (and spasm) is critical to not only resist the pull, but it will apply a counterforce to the tension and will actually increase the disc pressure. The incorrect angle of pull can actually trigger muscle guarding. Most doctors will utilize manual decompression to understand the amount of force a person can withstand and to see if the treatment will have a positive effect before moving on to the device. Once the patient is moved over to the Triton DTS device, the device will do most of the work. Triton DTS is a non-invasive treatment for chronic back pain and neck pain from disc and facet joint disease. It is an effective and safe procedure without any of the risks associated with surgery, injections, or anesthesia. Time off work or in recovery is minimal, and resolution of symptoms can be long lasting.

The doctors at East Bay Spinal Decompression And Chiropractic understand that treating your neck pain is your top priority, so we work diligently to find the best solution for you. That is why we have incorporated the use of the Triton DTS device to assist with cervical spinal decompression as a method of treatment. Call (925) 905-8123 now to schedule your examination consultation at East Bay Spinal Decompression And Chiropractic today.

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