A Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) device utilizes electrical energy to send magnetic pulses into the tissue of the body that act as stimulants for cells as a way to help recover from injuries. With the PEMF, a person may find quick relief from muscle pain, tendon pain, and inflammation.

PEMF can also help stimulate cell restoration and revitalization by increasing blood flow, enhance the metabolism of a person’s cells to enable cells in acute distress to return to biological competency, and increase overall wellness by helping people improve sleep patterns and strengthen their immune system. As a FDA Class 1 Medical Device, The PEMF device has been designed to allow for usage during long periods of time such as driving, working, or sleeping.

Although results may vary from person to person, the results for some people will last for 1-2 days after the first session or the results may last for weeks or months for other people. We cannot accurately determine the length of time the results will last for our patients, but if a person has significant improvement after the first session, we can be assured that the following sessions will undoubtedly have very positive, long-lasting results.

The PEMF device should be used when people are experiencing back pain, joint pain, or other kind of pain from an injury or other conditions that cause swelling or bruising. This device can also be used on people with poor circulation who are looking to improve their wellness and overall health.

Unfortunately, PEMF should not be used if a person is pregnant, has had organ transplants, has a pacemaker, hearing aid, other electronic implants or devices, or if they have non-MRI safe IUDs.